June's Project of the Month + Industry Updates

July 6, 2021

Texas A&M University - San Antonio Campus

This project was completed in collaboration with

This stunning 19'x65' shelter structure with custom perforated panels was designed by PBK and installed outside TAMU San Antonio's new Academic & Administration Building. There is plenty of covered outdoor space for students and faculty, and the one-of-a-kind design blends beautifully with the lush green environment and the brick and stone façade building.

perforated aluminum panel
perforated aluminum panel This structure's components are all Kynar-finished bronze. Both ends feature 2"x8" trellis tubes welded to the outer 6"x10" tube to let natural light in while keeping the area shaded and cool. The decorative panels are placed into the columns, and each has a slightly distinct opening type that also serves as additional shade. This design uses L-12 soffit panels for decking, drainage outlets for concealed waterflow, concealed connections, and column openings for electrical outlets.

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perforated aluminum panel

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Industry Updates

 Warranties for architectural metal coatings "...from the time the metal is pretreated and coated to the moment it is actually installed on a building, there are numerous variables that must be carefully prepared for and controlled to ensure the coating will achieve its expected service life."

How exterior metal panels provide function, performance, and beauty "Metal panels customized in tandem with adaptive solutions, proprietary technology, and skilled project managers and designers create a perfect opportunity to make a statement in the surrounding built environment."

How safety programs can help contractors save on insurance "...safety programs can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce, resulting in fewer project delays and less lost working time."

Construction input prices jump 24%"New data from the federal government sheds light on what most U.S. contractors already know: Materials prices are skyrocketing."

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