custom aluminum shelter canopy

About Us

AVAdek, Inc. is the trusted partner to many architects, general contractors, engineers, and facility managers across the United States for architectural canopy solutions. Based in Houston, TX, we’ve expanded to a regional location in Dallas, TX and the acquisition of Perfection Architectural Systems in 2017. 

Over the last 28 years, we’ve installed countless walkway canopy systems, sunshades, trellises and other structures that continue to stand the test of time. Our years of expertise stretch far beyond the typical aluminum canopy system, and our specialty lies in design collaboration and building innovative custom aluminum structures. 

At the foundation of every project is our commitment to providing the highest-quality solutions and our goal of bringing each unique architectural design to life. Extruded aluminum materials guarantee a durable, long-lasting finished product that is 100% recyclable and sustainable, so specifying an AVAdek structure will also meet any sustainability requirements. Architects have complete design flexibility with an unsurpassed array of design feature combinations, including the ability to create new profiles and match custom colors/patterns. 

Our custom solutions include:

  • • Covered Walkway Systems
  • • Entry Canopy Systems
  • • Sunshade Canopy Systems
  • • Trellis Canopies/Pergolas
  • • Drop-Off Canopies
  • • Carport Systems
  • • Shelter Canopies
  • • Wood Grain Powder Coating and Custom Finishes
  • • Perforated Panel (Laser Cut) Systems
  • • Solar Panel Systems
  • • ACM Panel Systems
  • • Translucent Canopies
  • • Exterior/Interior Cladding
  • • Custom Aluminum Profiles

Before your project

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service at every step of the process, starting with design conception. Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one design consultation with a member of our architectural solutions department to discuss the details and answer any questions regarding your next project. We also provide architecture and design-build firms with educational presentations and resource material for the firm’s library. 

The estimating department is focused on bidding a complete scope of work and avoiding the need to issue change orders. 

During your project

We believe the success of a project heavily depends on proper planning and risk management.  To ensure the successful completion of every project in their required timelines, a dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee construction and provide scope-related coordination.

At the construction site, there is field verification using state-of-the-art typography measuring devices, and real-time problem-solving if any issues arise.

We take safety very seriously, and our installation team consists of 35 crews with over 1000 hours of OSHA training.

After your project

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results doesn’t end after the project has been successfully installed. The quality control department’s main objective is to assure your expectations were met every step of the way and beyond and that your finished product meets both your standards and those we hold ourselves to.

The service team is available to coordinate with you regarding any potential issues that may have surfaced after installation. 

Our Core Values

At Avadek, our foundation is built upon a set of unwavering principles that guide our every endeavor. These core values – Safety, Teamwork, Dependability, Quality, and Innovation – serve as the compass directing our actions, shaping our culture, and defining our commitment to excellence. They are not just words on a page but fundamental pillars that underpin everything we do. Through these values, we strive to create a workplace environment and canopies that not only meet the highest standards but also inspire trust, foster collaboration, and drive innovation in everything we undertake.


Safety is our cornerstone. At Avadek, it's not just a priority, it's a fundamental value woven into the fabric of everything we do. From firm protocols to proactive measures, we prioritize the well-being of our team, customers, and communities. Safety isn't just a goal – it's our unwavering commitment


Teamwork is the heartbeat of our organization. We believe that together, we can achieve more. Collaboration isn't just encouraged; it's celebrated. We foster an environment where every voice is valued, and every contribution is recognized. Through teamwork, we harness the collective expertise, creativity, and passion of our diverse team to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional results. Together, we are stronger.


Dependability defines us. We stand by our commitments with unwavering reliability. From meeting deadlines to offering consistent support, we prioritize trust and consistency in every interaction. Count on us to be your steadfast partner, delivering quality and exceeding expectations, time and again.


Excellence defines our work. We believe that quality is not just a feature; it's our signature. We strive for perfection in every detail, from conception to delivery. Our commitment to quality permeates every aspect of our operations, ensuring that each canopy and service reflects our dedication to excellence. With Avadek, you can trust that you're receiving nothing less than the finest craftsmanship and highest standards of quality.


Innovation drives our progress. We thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. We see challenges as opportunities for creativity and growth. From pioneering designs to cutting-edge solutions, innovation is our favorite thing to accomplish. We foster a culture that encourages curiosity, experimentation, and forward-thinking. With us, you can expect innovative solutions that redefine industry standards and exceed expectations.

AVAdek's Core Values proudly displayed on the wall in our main office located in Houston, TX


Take a look at what our clients say about working with the AVAdek team:

Tommy Johnson, Vice President @ Morganti /Casias Joint Venture

“I've been involved with several projects that included AVAdek as part of our team and they always conduct their business professionally, courteously and with a positive attitude that is centered around delivering a quality project that the owner can be proud of.”

Whys Child, Project Architect @ VLK Architects

“I really appreciate all of the hard work you and the whole AVAdek team put into serving the industry.  You all are my favorite team to work with in the industry, because you all make my job easier.”

Client @ Forney Construction

“The Gordy project went through multiple design and material changes during construction. Daniel, John and the AVAdek team were great team members throughout the process. They remained flexible and willing to help all while maintaining an on time delivery. I would happily work with them on future projects.”
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