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Established in 1993, AVAdek is the leader in manufacturing and installing architectural canopy systems using high-quality extruded aluminum. We've provided design assistance and installed thousands of entry canopies, walkway covers, carports, sunshades, and more across the United States since opening our doors. Our team is our foundation, and with in-house engineering, drafting, and quality control departments, we have both the expertise and resources to assist with any project from conception to completion. We pride ourselves on presenting innovative solutions and bringing brilliant design concepts to life.

Featured Project

Texas A&M University - San Antonio Campus
San Antonio, TX
PBK Architects
This stunning 19'x65' shelter structure with custom perforated panels was designed by PBK and installed outside TAMU San Antonio's new Academic & Administration Building. There is plenty of covered outdoor space for students and faculty, and the one-of-a-kind design blends beautifully with the lush green environment and the brick and stone façade building.
featured project image


How To Choose The Right Aluminum Coating For Your Design
Nov 1, 2021

Although aluminum does not rust, it can deteriorate when exposed to oxygen, a process known as oxidation. Therefore, the necessity to protect and preserve the material's structural integrity over its long lifecycle gave rise to aluminum coatings. So, in this article, we'll talk in-depth about different types of aluminum coatings we offer and the advantages of each. Let's dive in!

How To Maintain Your Aluminum Canopy
Nov 1, 2021

Building entry and exit ways are among the busiest areas of a structure. They are at the whim of the natural elements, enduring harsh conditions like the scorching heat, snowstorms, heavy rains, debris, pollution, and more. Therefore, performing regular maintenance work is vital to ensure the safe and effective traffic flow of the building’s residents, employees, and visitors.

Using Aluminum Structures To Adapt To New Social Needs
May 20, 2020

The world around us is changing quickly, including the way we live, work, and gather. Designing communal spaces for this new norm means finding the balance between promoting safety and cultivating a sense of community.

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