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AVAdek, Inc. is the trusted partner to architects, general contractors, engineers, and facility managers across the United States for architectural canopy solutions. As the nation’s leading fabricator, we are committed to providing solutions that meet the design requirements, timeline, and budget of your project.

Walkway covers, cantilevered, over-head braced canopies, sunshades, trellises, and carports are among our many standard options, which can be designed to complement any new or existing construction. These systems are engineered to withstand harsh outdoor elements and meet any local building codes.

Our years of expertise stretch far beyond the typical aluminum canopy system, and we specialize in design collaboration and building innovative custom aluminum structures. A specialist from our team is ready to provide one-on-one assistance and discuss your project’s needs to ensure success from design conception to installation.

Featured Project

Regent Square
Houston, TX
cbt/ OJB Landscape Architects
Arch Con Corporation
Regent Square, Houston's newest and most anticipated mixed-use development, has officially unveiled its second phase! This massive project combines retail, restaurant, and residential uses and included the completion of The Sterling, a luxury mid-rise apartment complex. This complex boasts a stunning amenity space with a unique aluminum pavilion, designed by Boston-based CBT Architects in collaboration with Houston-based OJB Landscape Architecture. Located on the 4th level, The Sterling's amenity pavilion overlooks 55,000 square feet of retail and community green space. This beautiful shaded spot covers the outdoor kitchen and seating area, detailed with elegant lighting fixtures, and an opening to accommodate the fireplace chimney.
featured project image


How To Choose The Right Aluminum Coating For Your Design
Nov 1, 2021

Although aluminum does not rust, it can deteriorate when exposed to oxygen, a process known as oxidation. Therefore, the necessity to protect and preserve the material's structural integrity over its long lifecycle gave rise to aluminum coatings. So, in this article, we'll talk in-depth about different types of aluminum coatings we offer and the advantages of each. Let's dive in!

How To Maintain Your Aluminum Canopy
Nov 1, 2021

Building entry and exit ways are among the busiest areas of a structure. They are at the whim of the natural elements, enduring harsh conditions like the scorching heat, snowstorms, heavy rains, debris, pollution, and more. Therefore, performing regular maintenance work is vital to ensure the safe and effective traffic flow of the building’s residents, employees, and visitors.

Using Aluminum Structures To Adapt To New Social Needs
May 20, 2020

The world around us is changing quickly, including the way we live, work, and gather. Designing communal spaces for this new norm means finding the balance between promoting safety and cultivating a sense of community.

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