How To Maintain Your Aluminum Canopy

November 1, 2021

Building entry and exit ways are among the busiest areas of a structure. They are at the whim of the natural elements, enduring harsh conditions like the scorching heat, snowstorms, heavy rains, debris, pollution, and more. Therefore, performing regular maintenance work is vital to ensure the safe and effective traffic flow of the building’s residents, employees, and visitors.

An entrance canopy creates your organization's first impression, so let us design and install a canopy that will make a great first impression for years to come.

No matter where your building is located, being able to get in and out of a building without being affected by the weather is something that everyone appreciates. At AVAdek, we offer an extensive range of aluminum architectural components to compliment any business, storefront, or institutional establishment. 

To get the most out of your canopy investment, you can perform a few simple routine maintenance tasks to prolong the structure's life and keep it looking brand new for years to come. Regular maintenance helps preserve the structure's integrity and can be relatively quick and easy.


There's a reason why most business owners opt for a professional cleaning service for their canopies. Professional cleaners come equipped with the right tools and solutions to handle any level of dirt, debris, and grime and carry expensive equipment to ensure a thorough and high-quality job. More importantly, professional cleaners are trained in operating high-powered equipment and adhere to the OSHA regulations for safe practices. 

At AVAdek, we offer maintenance service contracts on an annual or one-time basis to cater to your needs. You also have the option of adding leaf guards to protect the drain holes from clogging, but there's no substitute for regular maintenance.  

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In most cases, it is a rather straightforward effort to keep up with the maintenance required.

Here are some outdoor canopy cleaning tips to help you get started:


Oftentimes, heavy rainfall can take care of any light dirt build-up, but over time with heavier dirt and dust accumulation, your structure can lose its original appearance.  The best way to take care of your aluminum canopy is by regular washing and cleaning to avoid using harsh, abrasive chemicals. 


Canopies are designed to keep the water out of a building, so it's essential to make sure the water flows off the structure and away from the building into functional gutters and downspouts. Needless to say, keeping the gutters clean of debris should be one of the primary objectives. 

AVAdek canopies are equipped with drain holes in decking and beams for excess water to overflow, preventing water retention and extensive structural damage.  

However, in some cases, we observe leaks caused due to improper drainage and lack of maintenance.

Water retention can be avoided by regularly cleaning the top of your canopy, beams, and columns. An easy way to prevent water retention is to clear out debris or use a water hose to push out any materials clogging the drain holes.


Fall and winter seasons invite all kinds of elements like dried leaves, snow, and ice. These can quickly accumulate in a short period and timely removal is imperative to keep your canopy in great shape all year round. It may seem like a daunting task but can be managed effortlessly by professional cleaners. 


In some areas, mildew accumulation is a particular issue. Mildew can collect on any building surface that hasn't been adequately maintained. Typically, mildew appears as black spots and can be removed using a mild soap solution and a soft, abrasive-free cleaning sponge or cloth. Strong alkaline or acid cleaners and abrasive materials like steel wool should be avoided as they can cause wear and harm to canopy finishes. 


The fasteners used on our structures are stainless steel, so in some cases where fasteners are exposed, there is no risk for staining. AVAdek canopies are typically installed with concealed connections, eliminating exposed fasteners.

You should not have any issues with fastener stains, but if you do, it is recommended to replace the fastener as soon as possible to prevent staining. 


On aluminum coatings, there is usually no substantial dirt collection. Dirt or soil in many environments does not pose a significant risk to the coating, but for appearance’s sake, surface cleaning is preferable. Rainfall may in some cases be sufficient for maintaining sleek and shiny outer surfaces, but does not replace the requirement for a regular maintenance program, either professional or in-house. 

We recommend regular maintenance be completed every 3 months, and in coastal areas where the finish is exposed to high salinity, cleaning should take place at least every 1.5 months.


Periodic scheduled canopy maintenance goes a long way in adding more years to the life of your canopy, and most of the maintenance tasks discussed above are fairly quick and easy to perform.

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