Walkway Covers

Walkway covers are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, providing your customers and employees with protection and shade from outdoor conditions while adding an inviting element to any building. Every project is custom-built and engineered in-house to meet your exact specifications and local building codes. Constructed of high-quality extruded aluminum, our walkway covers can withstand all climate conditions including high snow loads and hurricane-force winds. Aluminum is a non-corrosive material, meaning one benefit of using it over steel is the capability to drain water internally. For concealed water flow, our walkway covers are equipped with an internal drainage system using beams, columns, and downspouts. Our team provides one-on-one design and budgetary assistance, so if you're designing a special project but need to stay within a specified budget, let us make it happen for you. We have a range of non-standard features that can affect the overall project cost but allows for complete design flexibility.

Designing a walkway cover starts with considering six important factors; size, structure
type (t-bent, u-bent, etc.), beams & columns, deck profile, colors/finishes, and non-standard design features. Read our blog post here on how these factors can affect the cost of your project. 

Our team has installed walkway covers on both new and existing architecture in various industries including K-12 education and commercial. With a wide variety of selections, from different decking options to over 3,000 different powder coat finishes, we have the resources to build even the most challenging walkway cover design. Head over to our gallery to see all types of walkway covers with features including self-mating deck, ACM, wood grain, and glass/acrylic panels. 

Are you designing a walkway cover and have a question? Get in touch with us today and a member of our team will assist you in creating a canopy system that meets your exact requirements. 

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