Walkway Covers

Walkway Covers are the most common type of canopy solutions that you will find on commercial projects. They are made out of extruded aluminum and installed over sidewalks to protect patrons as they walk from building to building. There are countless options when designing aluminum canopy systems. The final design of a walkway cover is determined by the structural layout, decking system, and integration of specialty features.

Structural Layout

The only restriction on design is the limitations of physics and how far each component can span. AVAdek’s in-house engineers will determine the exact spans of each canopy system to meet specifications and building codes. The three main structural styles for walkway canopies are single column, double column, and gabled. Check out the gallery to see a variety of options for the various structural styles for walkway covers.

walkway cover design options

Decking System

The deck options for architectural canopy systems determine their overall style. Standard deck has a ‘corrugated’ look and is often used in projects with traditional styled architecture. Projects that are designed with a more modern style typically specify self-mating deck or standard deck plus soffit. The flush look of the underside allows for a very sleek and modern aesthetic.

If the canopy system has soffit, it will allow for recessed light fixtures to be used. All other non-soffit configurations require surface mounted light fixtures. In addition to the deck, the fascia that surrounds the deck adds to the overall character of the structure. Check out the fascia options the component section and gallery.

walkway cover deck options

Specialty Features

Integration of specialty features help to define a walkway cover as architectural element of your building or campus. Trellises are added to walkway canopies to incorporate shading as a design element. Whereas, ACM and woodgrain powder coat both bring modern and warmth aesthetics accordingly to a project.

By playing with color on the aluminum or glazing components, bold elements will become the focal point of your canopy system. Using lighting in various and unique ways will artistically highlight the canopy design. These specialty features shape the environment in unique and innovative ways.

All in all, canopies provide a simple and effective solution to protect people from the elements such as rain and sun. By selecting the right features and structural layout, aluminum walkway systems can become a significant part of any project. Additionally, they are durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance, making them a great option for any outdoor space. 

walkway cover specialty features

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