Perforated Panel Systems

Perforated Panel Systems for Any Architectural Application

In recent years, perforated aluminum has grown in popularity which can be attributed to the product’s versatility and functionality in interior and exterior design applications. From decorative ceiling panels to custom metal gates, perforated panel systems have limitless customization and application possibilities. Without sacrificing the integrity and long-term durability of their design, architects can feel confident in incorporating laser cut elements in any project. 

Laser cut aluminum can be used countless ways, like a one-of-a-kind embellishment to an established project, or the foundation for a new design concept. Our expertise lies in delivering results beyond your expectations that stand the test of time.

What are the benefits of using laser cut aluminum?

  • Accurate, intricate cutting capabilities
  • Application versatility
  • Distinctive aesthetic appeal
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customization possibilities

Choosing the Right Perforated Metal Patterns for Your Project

The pattern you design for your project can affect other factors like functionality, cost, and appearance. Pattern shapes are limitless and range from round, square, slit, and ornamental perforations. The size and distribution of the perforations will change the overall performance of the structure, so while you are not limited in cutting options, you may want to consider the impacts of a particular perforated panel pattern before using it in your design.

Interior Perforated Panel Application Types

  • Partitions - Laser cut panels can act as a space dividers in residential and commercial environments. These fully-customizable panels add privacy to an office space or classroom while matching existing design elements like school colors or logo shapes.
  • Wall Panels - Perforated wall panels are a creative and modern addition to any interior space. Designers can experiment with patterns, shapes, and colors to make an accent wall really pop in the lobby area of a hotel, office, or high-rise building. 
  • Ceilings - When searching for a substitute to the basic ceiling tiles, laser cut ceiling panels are an elegant alternative. Laser cut aluminum is also less likely to need constant maintenance and is much stronger than other ceiling materials.
  • Staircase Railings - With the rise in modern and minimalistic design trends, it is not uncommon to see basic building elements with a distinctive twist. Staircases are no exception, and using perforated metal can considerably enhance the look and feel of your interior layout.

Exterior Perforated Panel Application Types

  • Canopies & Walkways - Adding a distinguishing laser cut pattern can instantly elevate a walkway design and leave a lasting impression
  • Signage - Build instant brand recognition with a custom and functional perforated panel sign displaying your company name/logo. We can also incorporate backlighting, creating a beautiful contrast between the perforations of your design and the lighting components behind them.
  • Facades - Laser cutting aluminum may reduce the weight of a panel, but it doesn’t compromise the durability, making it an ideal element for functional and appealing building design. Research also shows that perforated panels can reduce a building’s overall energy costs. Parking garages that use perforated metal also save on energy costs by using open air ventilation and eliminating the need for an HVAC system.
  • Equipment screening - Many electrical systems require proper ventilation and protection from outdoor elements. Laser cut screens can provide total security without compromising ventilation.
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