Entry Canopies

Entry canopies are an important architectural feature used to define the entrance of a building and create a visual focal point. They are designed to provide shelter from the elements, aide in wayfinding, and provide a sense of arrival. Apart from being useful, entrance canopies can also create a sense of grandeur when entering an area. configuration of the actual canopy system is determined by the unique combination of structural design options, decking system, and special features.

Structural Layout

Entry canopies can be wall supported, column supported, or a combination of the two. A wall supported overhead braced or cantilevered canopy design yields the advantage of an unobstructed entrance. This makes the atmosphere more welcoming and can be tailored to different spaces, creating eye-catching entranceways.

The benefits of having column supported canopy design is that it allows for larger spans projecting from the building façade. The freestanding design allows the canopy to stand alone and independent from the building. If you connect a column supported entry canopy to the building, it allows you to remove the columns nearest the building.

Decking System

There are two main types of deck that each canopy structure uses: standard deck and self-mating deck. To view the section profile for the deck options, please view our components page and gallery. Standard deck is the most common deck used for all prefabricated canopy systems and is traditionally the most economical.

Most commonly our deck is installed above the structural beams. However, sometimes, when the spans work out correctly, we can install our self-mating deck below the beam. This allows for a modern streamlined look that can uniquely shape the entrance of a building. Contact our design experts if you would like to see what configuration works best for your project.

A soffit can also be incorporated into the entrance canopy, which gives an elevated design. The soffit also allows for recessed light fixtures to be installed and typically gives a larger fascia profile.

At AVAdek, we provide turnkey canopy solutions for standard .080 aluminum, 6” extruded, and ACM soffit. The aluminum finishes on the soffit include anodized, painted, and woodgrain powder coat. View our specifications for more information on soffit finishes.  

Specialty Features

At AVAdek, we specialize in creating innovative solutions to meet every project needs. For entrance canopies, the options are limitless. Our canopies typically have aluminum room deck, but glass or acrylic can be used to create transparent and colorful styles.  Decorative columns or perforated panel can add unique and branding opportunities.

Woodgrain powder coat can be used on any piece of aluminum, but is most commonly used on our 6” extruded soffit. The extruded soffit resembles real wood planks while providing the lifespan and durability of aluminum.

It is customary for many entrances to have a logo of the establishment that marks the entry. The fascia is an opportunity for signage at building entry. It can be routed with a logo and acrylic backer to create signage for the entrance.

Extruded aluminum canopies are lightweight and long-lasting when compared to alternate product types in the market. Building canopies are a great way to give abuilding a distinct, attractive entrance, while providing a practical benefit. They are one of the first experiences when entering a building. And have the opportunity to be functional and bold, becoming an architectural feature for the building.

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