Glass & Acrylic Canopy Systems

We are starting to see more and more modern architecture incorporate the use of glass and polycarbonate for a stunning finish without sacrificing functionality. Custom translucent canopies are a polished and practical architectural feature that can be a reliable solution for covering walkways, entrances, patios, and a variety of other outdoor spaces. 

Simple or complex, a glass canopy system is sure to add a contemporary finishing touch to any design. Although you will commonly see glass integrated into a walkway cover design or above a busy entrance, there are many more architectural applications. 

While there are many advantages to using these materials in your design, our team of experienced in-house engineers are ready to assist should technical challenges arise. Factors such as weight, size, supports, location, and wind and snow loads will ultimately affect the lifespan of your design. 

Benefits of Translucent Canopy Systems

  • Integrated drainage - A drawback of a glass entrance canopy can be water flow and drainage when, if not properly executed, can pose the risk of flowing over the sides and defeating the purpose of protection from outdoor elements. All of our solutions keep this risk in mind, and are equipped with integrated drainage systems.
  • Natural light - Unlike the traditional door entrance canopy, glass allows for natural light to penetrate through, contributing to the reduction of the building’s overall energy costs by decreasing the need for artificial light.
  • No-hassle maintenance - Our structures are designed and engineered with a slight slope to eliminate the possibility of accumulating dirt and unsightly debris above your glass panels
  • Versatility - Glass canopy design can vary based on the application and can serve more than one function. Whether you are designing a cantilevered, post-supported, curved, or enclosed canopy, our team has the expertise to deliver results beyond your expectations.
  • Types of Translucent Canopy Systems
glass sunroom enclosure avadek
Glass Sunrooms

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glass Entry Canopy avadek
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