Trellis Canopies

AVAdek offers aluminum trellis canopies that are ideal for providing shade in outdoor spaces. They can be used to add a special touch to walkway shelters and entrance awnings. Widely favored in multifamily projects, our custom trellis structures elevate high-quality common areas and amenity spaces, they add home curb appeal as exterior components.

Structural Layout

Trellis canopies are intricately designed to integrate seamlessly with a building's structural system. AVAdek's prefabricated canopy systems offer a lightweight alternative to traditional steel structures, making them well-suited for various architectural applications.

These systems are available in three primary configurations: single column design, double column design, and hybrid systems. Single column designs are slim and space-saving, usually placed in certain spots to control how much sunlight comes in. In contrast, double column designs offer enhanced stability and can cover larger areas, providing shade and architectural interest. Hybrid systems combine the advantages of both single and double column designs, offering flexibility and structural robustness.

For more information on specifications and customization, visit our resources page or speak with our design team for personalized solutions that meet your technical specifications. Trellis canopies, when used as decorative elements, can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a building or campus environment. They can be used to shade windows, cover walkways, and outdoor spaces, adding beauty and practicality.

Design Features

Our Trellis Canopy collection features a variety of styles, from sleek cable structures to classic elliptical blades, versatile tube, and round trellises. We take pride in providing options that seamlessly blend into your environment.

Discover the magic of our perforated panel trellises, available in standard or custom patterns. These panels not only provide shade but also add artistic flair with captivating light and shadow play. For those looking for something bolder, our bar grate trellises bring industrial chic to outdoor spaces, adding character and charm.

We believe in customization. That's why we offer a wide range of profiles, so you can tailor your trellis to your exact needs. From using woodgrain to give the look of real wood to creating a design and engineering any solution to meet your needs. Whether you're enhancing a cozy patio or transforming a commercial area, our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to life. Explore our Trellis Canopy gallery today and let AVAdek elevate your outdoor experience.

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