Design Features

Our team of experts and readily available resources allow us to go above and beyond when we collaborate on a project. For more than 25 years, we’ve been part of creating beautiful custom structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The most popular design feature we’ve seen is the wood grain powder coat finish. This finish gives an alternative to traditional wood, which requires regular maintenance and will eventually rot or split. From over 1,000 powder coat finishes to choose from, there is an option for every project. Perforated panel has recently become another in-demand design feature. Our warehouse is equipped with the materials to create any perforated panel design you can imagine. This feature has been used on outdoor recreational area canopies and above walkway canopies to cover corrugated decking. Signage is often added to our canopies after installation, however, we have designed and installed entrance canopies with signage using acrylic panels. The photo below shows a restaurant entrance canopy with a backlit frosted white acrylic panel and wood grain underneath. Walkway covers can also be designed using aluminum composite material (ACM) instead of corrugated decking. No matter the size or complexity, our team can meet any design requirements.
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