Common Issues With Architectural Canopy Specifications

February 21, 2019

Mistakes on specifications and plans can cause disruptions during the bidding process, so we laid out the most common issues to be aware of when your design includes an AVAdek aluminum canopy.

Different finishes and component sizes have varying costs, therefore conflicting information between the specifications and drawings often prevents us from providing an accurate & competitive bid.

Building Codes & Requirements change over time and the current structural code is what we are required to follow. Specifications calling out certain aluminum alloys to be used is not always appropriate. In many cases, a certain alloy must be used to meet the canopy design and structural design criteria.

Incorrect member sizes on the specifications can lead to overpricing and in some cases, underpricing. All member sizing should be per plans to meet aesthetics or sized by the canopy manufacture to meet the design and structural requirements.

Listing the wrong warranty information can lead to confusion as to the warranty is carried by the applier, not the paint supplier. For example, if a paint supplier (i.e. Valspar or Sherwin Williams) states one warranty period, it is not to say that is the warranty period that is offered. Fluoropolymer finish warranty is 10 years. Polyester finish warranty is 5 years. Anodized finish warranty is 1 year.

Leaving off the preferred finish can lead to inaccurate bids and pricing. The finish and color have a large effect on the cost of the project. Stating the preferred finish and color allows us to provide the most accurate and competitive bid as possible.

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