Features That Affect The Pricing Of Your Custom Structure

April 8, 2020

When you’re designing a new project, there are many things to consider, but one of the most important factors is the budget. We specialize in understanding the needs of each individual project, and our team is always ready to sit one-on-one with architects to collaborate in designing within a specified budget.

There are several components of canopy design that affect the overall pricing:

Size is an essential factor to consider when designing and evaluating the cost of a project. Aluminum is priced by weight, sometimes meaning the bigger the structure, the more cost associated. However, economies of scale also play a large role in pricing. Structure types like overhead brace supported or freestanding canopies make a difference in pricing as well as their span of coverage, which can require additional materials for support. Decking options all vary in price and include a corrugated deck, self-mating deck, or soffit panels. If a canopy is designed with recess lighting, that requires secondary metal soffit panels, adding to the project material cost. Standard walkway covers often use corrugated decking and anodized finishes, while more specific projects may use non-standard features like perforated panel, ACM, wood grain powder coat finishes, or certain exotic colors.


For example, a specific project that uses a vivid color like yellow or orange will require additional layers of paint to properly layer onto the aluminum or the color will bleed. Earth tone colors typically require fewer coats, resulting in a considerable cost difference. If you are working on a canopy design and need design or budgetary assistance, contact us here today and we would be happy to collaborate!

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